Gingivectomy is periodontal surgery that removes and reforms diseased gum tissue or other gingival buildup related to serious underlying conditions. By removing the pocket wall, gingivectomy provides visibility and accessibility for complete calculus removal and thorough smoothing of the roots, creating a favorable environment for gingival healing and restoration of a physiologic gingival contour. For more chronic gingival conditions, gingivectomy is utilized after other non-surgical methods have been tried. Performed in a dentist’s office, the surgery is primarily done one quadrant of the mouth at a time under local anesthetic. Clinical attachment levels of the gum to teeth and supporting structures determine the success of the surgery. Surgery required beyond gingivectomy involves the regeneration of attachment structures through tissue and bone grafts.


  • Elimination of suprabony pockets
  • Elimination of gingival enlargements
  • Elimination of suprabony periodontal abscesses.