Periodontics Miami | Why Periodontal Health for Men is Extremely Important

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Everyone can be prone to getting oral health problems but studies show that men have a higher percentage of getting a periodontal disease than women. Periodontal disease does not only affect your gums and teeth but it also is linked to male-specific health problems. It is not too late to see periodontics Miami get your periodontal and over-all health back on track. Here are some reasons why periodontal health for men is extremely important.

Prostate Problems

Research shows that prostate problems have a link with the condition of your periodontal health. Studies show that men who have periodontal disease symptoms like redness, swelling, and bleeding of the gums, as well as inflammation of the prostate, have higher levels of PSA. PSA or Prostate-specific antigen is an enzyme produced in the prostate that is secreted in small amounts. But if the prostate is affected by any disease like infection, inflammation or cancer the amount secreted increases. 

Heart Problems

Did you know that if you have periodontal disease, you are more likely to have a heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular problems? Both periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease are chronic inflammatory disease. And since men are more prone to heart disease than women, it is best to get your periodontal health in its tip-top shape to reduce the risk of any complication. 

Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence

A Turkish study shows that 53% of men who were experiencing erectile dysfunction had periodontal disease. The men used for this research were also non-smokers. It is said that the link between erectile dysfunction, impotence, and periodontal disease is prolonged chronic inflammation that can damage blood vessels.  

Various Cancers

Men who have a history of periodontal disease are more likely to develop various cancers by 14% compared to those men who have healthy gums. These cancers include the following: 

  • Lung Cancer= 36%
  • Kidney Cancer=49%
  • Pancreatic Cancer= 54%
  • Leukemia= 30%

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