Periodontist Kendall| Factors that Leads to Periodontal Disease

Where is the best periodontist kendall?

Periodontal disease disturbs the bone and the surrounding tissues. This is caused by a bacteria build-up that was allowed to progress and has not been addressed properly. If you think you are suffering from periodontal disease, then it might be because you lack proper oral hygiene and professional dental cleaning. You need to see a periodontist Kendall. But aside from that, here are some of the other factors that lead to periodontal disease:

Chronic Stress

Stress decreases our immune system’s ability to fight infections. This causes our bodies to create an environment that encourages the proliferation of periodontal disease.


Smoking encourages the fast accumulation of plaque which increases your risk to periodontitis. It also stains your teeth and darkens your gums. Smoking is also known to be one of the causes of oral cancer. Free yourself from an additional headache and try to cut back on smoking.


Diabetes prevents the function of the small blood vessels in the gums thus restricting the white blood cells from fighting off infection. Gum disease is also graver and harder to treat patients who have diabetes.

Gnashing of Teeth

If you do this too much, the stress caused by your gnashing will accelerate the damage in your jawbones. Lessen this habit and chew on a sugar-free gum instead.

Hormonal Changes

Changes in hormones during pregnancy make pregnant women more vulnerable to periodontal infection. This is why your gums bleed when you brush your teeth. Make sure to see your dentist and ask about what you can do about it.

Where is the best periodontist kendall?

Where to Find the Right Periodontist Kendall for you

If you are suffering from a periodontal disease, then you should address this quickly before it can develop into an even more serious problem. Find the right periodontist Kendall to help you treat the issues you have with your gums and teeth. At Floridian Dental Group, we focus on optimizing your oral health by the prevention of any oral related disease. Call us today and get an assessment to know the condition of your oral health!


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