Dental Crowns Miami | The Best Type of Dental Crown for You

where are good dental crowns miami?

Do you have a deformed tooth that you want to fix? Are you suffering from a broken or weak tooth because of decay? If yes, then the most flexible solution for you is Dental Crowns Miami. A dental crown is a solution for a variety of tooth problems but with so many types of dental crowns, how you do know which one is best for you? Read on to know more about the different types of dental crowns and their advantages.

Ceramic Dental Crowns

This dental crown is commonly advised for patients who want to get their front teeth restored. This dental crown looks and feels natural that it blends perfectly with your remaining teeth. This type of crown is not advisable to use for molars and pre-molars because heavy biting and grinding can cause it to break or become brittle.

Porcelain Merged to Metal Dental Crowns

This type of crown is known for its ultra-durability due to the metal structure in its composition. The porcelain part also allows the tooth to blend in naturally with your remaining teeth. If you prefer this type of crown then your dentist will have to remove an ample amount of your tooth structure where the crown will be anchored to.

Gold Alloy Dental Crown

Gold alloys are not harmful to our gum tissues even though they are made of gold, copper and other metals. This biocompatible material can withstand heavy biting and grind without breaking. This is a perfect option for your molars and pre-molars.

Base Metal Alloy Dental Crown

Base Metal Alloys are made of non-noble metals that are safe to the adjacent teeth. This type of crown is strong and not easily corroded. Contrary to the porcelain-fused to metal dental crown, base metal alloy dental crown only requires a minimum amount of tooth structure to be taken out.

Where are some great dental crowns miami?Looking for Information about Dental Crowns Miami?

Dental crowns are all about functionality without sacrificing durability and aesthetics. If you are still confused as to which Dental Crown Miami best suits you, do not worry because you can get professional help and advice regarding your concerns from the best dentists at Floridian Dental Group. We aim to provide you and your family a lifetime of superior oral care. Call or see us today to know which dental crown is perfect for you!


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