Periodontics in Miami | What Is Periodontics Treatment?

Where can I find a Periodontist in Kendall ?

Periodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry that focuses on the area around your teeth such as your gums, alveolar bone, cementum and the periodontal ligament. A periodontist completes extra dental school than regular dentists. Let’s take a look at periodontics in Miami.

What Is Periodontics Treatment?

One of the most common issues a periodontist will treat is periodontal disease. This disease involves inflammation and/or bleeding of the gums. It is also referred to as gum disease.

Non-Surgical Forms

Non-surgical forms of periodontics treatment include scaling and root planing. During this deeper cleaning procedure done under local anesthetic, your doctor will scrape away (scale) plaque and tartar from above and below your gum line. Then he or she will smooth (plane) any rough spots on your roots to remove bacteria, restoring a clean surface so your gums can reattach to your teeth.

Where can I find periodontics in Miami?

Surgical Forms

Surgical procedures will take place when there are significant structural issues. These procedures include flap surgery/pocket reduction surgery, soft tissue grafts, guided tissue regeneration, bone grafts, and bone surgery. These methods are used when the problem has gotten to a point where non-surgical forms can no longer be used and surgical methods are the only way to treat the issue.

Are You in Need of Periodontics in Miami?

If you are in need of periodontics treatment or think you might, we can help. At Floridian Dental we offer periodontics treatment. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.


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