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Brushing your teeth twice a day is important. Just as important though is how you brush your teeth. This might sound weird, but not brushing your teeth properly can actually be bad for your teeth. Let’s look at some of the common mistakes people make when brushing their teeth from your dentist in Pembroke Pines.

Brushing Too Hard

Harder isn’t always better when it comes to brushing. Brushing too hard can actually cause damage to your gum line and wear down your enamel. This can actually cause dental issues down the line.

You are Brushing With the Wrong Brush

Ever go to the store to buy a new toothbrush and notice there are dozens of kinds to choose from? Chances are you are probably just pulling one off the shelf or going with the one that is the best price. What you might not know though, is that you aren’t choosing the right brush. Size of the brush head, bristle type and even handle all need to be taken into consideration when picking the right brush. It is best to consult with your dentist to see what they recommend. The wrong brush can lead to a less than thorough cleaning which can result in plaque buildup and issues.

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You Are Using the Same Toothbrush for Too Long

We as people enjoy comfort. When we find something we like we tend to just keep using it. That applies for our toothbrush as well which can be a bad thing. A toothbrush should be changed out every couple months to ensure it works the best.

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In addition to brushing and flossing, make sure you are seeing your dentist twice a year. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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